4 steps to purchasing a house



Here are 4 simple steps to assist you in purchasing a property!

Step 1: Make cents of your finance

The first place to start when planning to enter the property market, is with your finances. There is a lot to consider at this stage including hidden costs, what a deposit looks like, what government incentives are available, and more.

Geelong Property Hub has access to a team of mortgage brokers that can help determine your current borrowing capacity and set a property budget for you. By scheduling a free, no obligation discovery meeting, you will receive a full understanding of what you can achieve with your current financial situation. At this point, you may also look to lodge a pre-approval to assist you in the next step of your property journey.

Step 2: Property Search

Once you understand what you can afford and when, the next step in your journey begins. From here, Geelong Property Hub can offer expert advice through any of our 3 real estate agencies (Armstrong Real Estate, Lara Real Estate or Oslo Property) or our House and Land Package specialists (Property Hub Build) to help you find your next home. By determining what it is your looking for in a home, our team can either help match you to an existing property or a house and land package that suits your needs, budget and timeline.


Step 3: Offers

Once you have found “The one” the next step is to secure this property. Geelong Property Hub can assist at this stage by working with Property Hub Conveyancing to ensure the legalities of the purchase are correct through their review of the contract of sale. You will also work with your agent or New Build Consultant, who will guide you through this process and provide guidance to help secure the property. As a part of your offer, you will note any special conditions that form part of your contract such as a finance clause, your offer price, including your deposit and settlement preferences.

Step 4: Settlement

Offer Accepted! Once you have offered on a property and have your signed contract accepted you will be able to finalise your finance approval with Property Hub Finance and Property Hub Conveyancing to ensure settlement is a smooth process. Once settlement is confirmed, you will be able to get the keys to your new home!

If you would like to take the first step in your journey, click the link below to schedule an appointment with one of our finance consultants at a time that’s convenient for you.