Local and loyal, we’re passionate about real estate - in particular the exciting new development of the Armstrong Creek Growth Corridor.

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A modern agency, not just an addition to the established Geelong property market, but an agency who makes the 3217 growth area its primary focus - to sell and manage properties that are embedded in the local community. 

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It’s no secret that in real estate, local knowledge is key.

From our Armstrong Creek office, we’re able to keep our ears to the ground for opportunities you won’t find with other agents.

As the area has developed, our team has identified patterns and trends in the market, benefiting our clients to work with realistic assessments. In particular, our healthy and exclusive database provides access to an unprecedented group of potential residents looking to purchase.

We value the relationships we build and maintain with our clients. Our approach rests on years of experience in carefully and caringly guiding you through the process to make it as seamless as possible.

Our focus is people-focused. This is why key strategies, such as Open Inspections are held by our team at times where similar properties can also be viewed by buyers.

The intention here is to have potential buyers come through other homes that they may not have known about previously, resulting in more attendees, increased competition and prices. It also gives our team the opportunity to meet more potential buyers, build rapport and achieve optimal results.

In the 3217 postcode, our team’s knowledge and experience is second to none which is evident in our results and reputation.

Meet The Team

Meet the team behind Armstrong Real Estate



Phone: 0478 171 087

Megan is amongst a new breed of professional – the vibrant high achiever with a sense of community.

She is an intelligent, honest and determined businesswoman with a “reward for effort” mentality. Leading her team by example, she thrives on the fast pace of the property industry but savours the serendipity of each day and the unique people she encounters.

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Sales Manager

Phone: 0418 591 202

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Sales Consultant

Phone: 0417 161 107

A seasoned member of the Armstrong team and a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Jayden has been involved in the growth of the Armstrong Creek Corridor for several years now.

To Jayden, there is nothing better than nurturing sellers through the sales experience whilst simultaneously helping buyers feel comfortable with the home they are purchasing. He sees his core strength as gaining an in-depth understanding of what’s essential for sellers and buyers and ensuring the journey is smooth and rewarding for all.

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Sales Consultant

Phone: 0459 709 832

Luke is an experienced sales professional who truly understands the human element of real estate. He is passionate about building long-term relationships and facilitating transactions beyond expectations.

He is an energetic spirit who brings confidence, continuity and expert knowledge to his work. Known for his easygoing personality, Luke has quickly become a driving member of our team at Armstrong Real Estate.

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Sales Consultant

Phone: 0456 943 248

Self-described as a “pretty good, hard-working bloke”, Jesse spends his day forming connections with clients and providing an efficient, thorough and thoughtful service to his vendors and buyers.

Affable, committed and respectful, Jesse’s ability to facilitate smooth sales transactions has been lauded by his clients. Perhaps his “sleeves up and no fuss” work ethic is partly owed to working with his family on their farm in his youth.

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Sales Consultant

Phone: 0400 105 085

Professional and insightful, Teegan’s willingness to listen and carefully assess prospects and properties sees her deliver fantastic outcomes.

Well noted for her perfectionism, Teegan has an eye for detail and top-level organisational skills. At all times, Teegan is an honest and open communicator who is dedicated to her craft.

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Sales Consultant

Phone: 0431 337 613

Callen is an experienced and driven real estate professional with an attentive and thorough approach. His familiarity with the Geelong region and its competitive market is highly valued and aids both buyers and sellers in achieving their real estate goals.

With an unrelenting commitment to providing a genuine and positive experience for clients, Callen can be relied on to follow through on the small details that make all the difference to the buying and selling process. His background in marketing combined with significant prior real estate knowledge and his strong customer focus allow him to deliver a seamless experience

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Sales Consultant

Phone: 0421 570 331

Lisa brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from residential sales roles held throughout the Greater Geelong Region and previously within the Australian Luxury Fashion industry at Louis Vuitton.

Lisa’s focus is to ensure her clients feel valued at every stage of their property journey. She understands results are of the utmost importance to her clients and Lisa’s tenacity helps her achieve these results through negotiations and marketing know-how.

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Sales Consultant

Phone: 0400 818 708

Bella is the type of person who is passionate about continuous learning and development. Viewing every client interaction as an opportunity to understand their needs better, she excels in providing a personal and tailored experience.

No small detail escapes Bella’s attention, and her colleagues are always impressed with her ability to think outside the box to deliver exceptional outcomes.

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Sales Consultant

Phone: 0414 676 470

Sam is a solutions-driven sales agent focusing on leaving his clients feeling respected and empowered with their property journey. His positive outlook and dedication to excellence have seen him flourish in his personal and professional life.

A strong focus on communication means Sam can get to the heart of his clients’ needs and wants. Self-development and upskilling are of particular interest to him. As a result, you’ll always be able to rely on the most up-to-date information and strategy with Sam as your agent.

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Sales Consultant

Phone: 0447 723 776

Alfritz is a sales consultant who enjoys taking the time to get to know his clients and their real estate goals. His strong listening and interpersonal skills, combined with his experience, allow his clients to feel empowered and excited when buying and selling their property.

Buying and selling the right property can take time. Alfritz understands that it is important to work with a consultant that keeps you in front of mind and is invested in your success. His commitment to his clients means that you can rely on him to keep in touch with property updates or to check in to discuss and refine your goals.

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Sales Associate

Phone: 0487 944 512

Tom is a friendly and approachable sales associate with a customer centric approach. New to the Bellarine, he brings a wealth of experience working sellers and vendors, having previously worked for one of Shepparton’s top real estate agents.

With a positive attitude and ability to achieve positive outcomes for his clients, Tom can be relied upon to provide a personalised approach to each and every sale. His background in. clearing sales has honed his ability to work in a faced paced environment whilst keeping a human touch.


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Sales Associate

Phone: 0488 706 144

Will Scomazzon is an experienced Sales Associate at Armstrong Real Estate, he has worked in the real estate industry, providing exceptional customer support for the past five years. Will is an expert in handling buyer enquiries, inspections, negotiation, and feedback, and strives to offer a fully customized experience that best meets his clients’ needs.

Will is committed to exceeding his clients’ expectations and always does what is right, rather than what is easy. He strongly believes in Armstrong Real Estate’s mission of providing a fully customized customer experience and aligning itself with market leaders within all aspects of property.

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Land Sales Consultant

Phone: 0427 564 629

Victor is a calming presence within Armstrong Real Estate.

With an inviting and enthusiastic demeanour, Victor passionately sells our land and connects with our vast network of clients. His knack for communication effortlessly guides buyers towards their ideal plots of land, making the process seamless and enjoyable for everyone involved.


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Land Sales Consultant

Phone: 0439 994 244

Mia is a customer service-driven land sales consultant with a wealth of local knowledge. Her in-depth understanding of the buying and selling process empowers both buyers and vendors to have a seamless and positive experience.

Her open communication style, warmth and genuine enthusiasm for real estate make her a popular agent and valued member of the team.

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Investment Property Consultant

Phone: 0439 305 675

Britta has evolved through many roles in the real estate industry, accumulating experience, knowledge, and a network that she can leverage in her position as Investment Property Consultant.

Known in the team as being warm, considerate, enthusiastic, and ambitious, Britta has been a source of inspiration and is central to our motivation. Our clients are very vocal about her dedication and excellent communication skills.

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Property Manager

Phone: (03) 5244 5675

Emma brings an in-depth understanding of the area and years of expertise in real estate.

Emma is a treasured member of the team. Organised and patient, Emma’s ability to multi-task and stay across many projects simultaneously is impressive. In addition, her friendly nature and ease of communication mean that even when busy, she can keep everyone informed and engaged in the property journey.


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Property Manager

Phone: (03) 5244 5675

Natalyn is dedicated to enhancing client experiences in her industry by prioritizing thorough information gathering and understanding. Her unwavering commitment to going the extra mile to address issues showcases her honesty and trustworthiness, crucial attributes in managing complex daily needs.

In her role at Armstrong Real Estate, Natalyn serves as a property manager, where she places a strong emphasis on nurturing relationships and trust between property owners and renters. Her diligent follow-ups ensure that tasks are efficiently and promptly completed, facilitating the fulfillment of both parties’ goals.

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Property Manager

Phone: (03) 5244 5675

Kirsten is a dedicated Property Manager at Armstrong Real Estate. Her main goal is to bridge the communication gap between real estate agents and clients. She envisions a future where comprehensive conferences facilitate understanding and collaboration between these crucial entities, ultimately leading to more seamless transactions and improved industry dynamics.

In her daily role as a property manager, Kirsten embraces the meaningful challenges inherent in managing her clients’ most significant assets. Building trust through months of dedicated communication is key to her approach. Her responsibilities span responding to emails, processing applications, handling rent reviews, addressing maintenance issues, and attending to various client concerns. This showcases the diverse and impactful nature of her role.

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Property Manager

Phone: (03) 5244 5675

Ashleigh is a Property Manager at Armstrong Real Estate who brings a refreshing perspective to the industry, focusing on improving communication through clarity, kindness, and respect. Her motto is simple but powerful: treat people how you want to be treated.

Ashleigh handles everything property management entails in her day-to-day responsibilities, from enquiries and maintenance requests to negotiations and owner updates with care and support. She strives to create an environment where understanding and support are the norm, fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere for all clients.


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Client Relationships Manager

Phone: (03) 5244 5675

Jayde is a people-oriented Client Relationships Manager who works alongside renters to ensure that their rental is being maintained and meets inspection requirements. Her in-depth understanding of managing properties allows her to support both the tenants and the wider property management team.

With a background in sales and customer service, Jayde enjoys the variety and fast pace of her work. Her attention to detail and ability to maintain records ensures that the properties that she takes care of meet their compliance standards.

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Client Relationships Manager

Phone: (03) 5244 5675

Within Armstrong Real Estate, Juan plays a crucial role in creating a supportive and empathetic environment for clients. His goal is to ensure that clients feel valued, heard, and appreciated, fostering an atmosphere of support, kindness, respect, and empathy for everyone’s unique qualities. Juan’s primary focus in his industry is promoting the importance of empathy and kindness, believing that these small acts can have a profound impact on individuals and their surroundings. He emphasizes that it’s not just when change occurs but how it happens that matters, highlighting the power of collective efforts. 

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Field Officer

Phone: (03) 5244 5675

Taylor comes to the team with a strong background in responsible, caring and client-centric roles. With a degree in Primary Education, Taylor understands the importance of organisation, patience, timing and diligence.

Generating positive outcomes for renters, rental providers, and all stakeholders in the property process is what excites Taylor in her role as Field Officer.

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Field Officer

Phone: (03) 5244 5675

Sarah is a field agent passionate about real estate. Her market experience and warm nature are welcomed.

Her previous role as a customer relationship coordinator for a big builder has given her valuable insight into how Geelong is growing and expanding. Previous experience working with those building investment properties and now those looking to rent gives her a unique perspective and understanding of how to care for both the rental provider and the renter.

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Field Officer

Phone: (03) 5244 5675

In her role as a Field Officer at Armstrong Real Estate, Carly conducts various out-of-office inspections and appointments, allowing Property Managers to focus on their responsibilities within the office.

Carly and her family live in Torquay, and they love the Surf Coast and Geelong areas for their great coffee, shopping, local sports activities, and beautiful beaches. Her core values include kindness, integrity, and a strong work ethic.

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Van Der Himst

Maintenance Manager

Phone: (03) 5244 5675

Danielle is a maintenance manager at Armstrong Real Estate. Her job involves collaborating with tenants, property managers, landlords, and trades to ensure that everyone involved is satisfied. With her experience in clinical trials and property management, Danielle is capable of quickly and efficiently addressing and resolving any maintenance concerns.

One of Danielle’s primary goals is to facilitate effective communication and find solutions that benefit all parties involved. She understands that conflicts between different parties can occur, which can be stressful. Therefore, she strives to make the process as smooth as possible and find amicable solutions.

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Maintenance Manager

Phone: (03) 5244 5675

Julie-Ann Megarry is a Maintenance Manager at Armstrong Real Estate, where she oversees all maintenance requests related to the properties. With seven years of experience working in the industry as a property manager, she has an extensive knowledge of the field. Julie-Ann has developed excellent people skills, and her commitment to providing the best service is unwavering.

At Armstrong Real Estate, Julie-Ann plays a critical role in ensuring that renters receive high-quality services. She accepts job requests from renters, assesses the work involved, and engages trades to perform the tasks at hand. Julie-Ann is an integral part of the team that works hard behind the scenes to ensure that the best trades and teams are available to attend to maintenance requests effectively and within a reasonable timeframe.

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478 Torquay Road, Armstrong Creek VIC 3217

Armstrong Real Estate Agents & Property Managers

  • Terri J

    Sam was spot on with everything, advertising the right price, organising opens and how best to present the property. He kept me in the loop and was understanding when it came to my own situation. This is my second time dealing with Armstrong Real Estate and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

  • Oliver M

    Extremely happy with the level of professionalism and friendliness show by Amy Jaques, the entire process was easy and I would highly recommend Amy to anyone.

  • Chelsea N

    Armstrong Real Estate were fantastic in supporting us to find a rental. Claire was a huge help and always communicated in a reliable and friendly manner.

  • Julie M

    We are extremely happy with our experience with Armstrong Real Estate finding our new rental home. Stephanie Fry could not of been more helpful through the process from viewing to applying and Lara Coote as property manager has answered and dealt with anything we have needed also. Thankyou!

  • Nathan H

    Teegan, wow! We could not have asked anymore of an agent selling our first home. Teegan has been an absolute pleasure to deal with right from the beginning. She is a professional, organised, friendly, dedicated and supportive agent. Teegan provided open and honest communication, and excellent guidance and support, ensuring we were always informed throughout the entire process. She was always available, prompt to reply and answer any questions, which made for an easy and enjoyable sale. We would not hesitate to use Teegan again, and would highly recommend her and the team at Armstrong Real Estate for anyone looking to sell or purchase in the area.

  • Shane B

    We purchased a property through Teegan and the process has been simply amazing! Teegan is knowledgeable, understanding, patient and an expert in her field. We always felt comfortable asking questions as the buyer and raising issues was never a problem. Teegan always assisted us and clearly is an expert in her field. Thanks Teegan you are amazing. Armstrong Creek Real Estate should never let you go and they should be very proud to have you representing their brand!

  • Jake S

    Our experience with Paula and the team at Armstrong Real Estate has been exceptional at every interaction. The communication has been prompt, they were warm and welcoming at the open inspections and offered guidance while we searched for our new home. A stressful experience was made easy alongside Armstrong Real Estate - we highly recommend them whether you are buying or renting.

  • Emily L

    We recently purchased a property through Armstrong and couldn't be happier with the guidance, knowledge and support that was provided to us by Sammy. She happily answered our millions of questions and helped us feel confident throughout the whole process. Her professionalism and work ethic is wonderful - Sammy is definitely an asset to the team!

  • Luke R

    So grateful to have dealt with Britta, Paula and the team in leasing our house. Incredibly professional and extremely prompt with any question or request I had. I would highly recommend to family and friends.

  • Jordan S

    We recently recently purchased a property through the team at Armstrong Real Estate and are extremely happy with the experience we had. Sam made the whole process easy and stress free. Highly recommend!

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Meet the Team // Danielle Van Der Himst 🤩

Danielle is a maintenance manager at Armstrong Real Estate. Her job involves collaborating with tenants, property managers, landlords, and trades to ensure that everyone involved is satisfied. With her experience in clinical trials and property management, Danielle is capable of quickly and efficiently addressing and resolving any maintenance concerns.

Welcome Danielle!
Congratulations Jayde for one year of exceptional service with the Armstrong Real Estate Leasing Team! Your hard work doesn't go unnoticed 👏
This luxury townhouse featuring a balcony and side garden has so much to offer, welcome to 37 Hillsborough Walk, Charlemont.

If you’re interested in viewing this property, feel free to get in touch with Lisa on 0421 570 331, or at lisa@armstrongrealestate.com.au
From managing properties to painting masterpieces, our team does it all 🎨
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