melinda boultwood

Melinda Boultwood

Melinda is deeply passionate about enhancing the property management industry by prioritizing client needs and nurturing trust. She understands the significant impact that property and real estate have on everyone’s daily lives, whether they own or rent.

Her unique perspective, shaped by her experiences living in different countries and her double degree in Property and Real Estate/Bachelor of Commerce with distinction, enriches her contributions to the team.

Melinda values Geelong Property Hub’s community-focused approach, which enables her to forge positive relationships between rental providers and tenants, ultimately creating a superior property management experience. Her guiding principle is happiness, and she believes in maintaining a positive outlook, even during routine tasks.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Melinda finds joy in watching movies, spending quality time with her Labrador cross Golden Retriever dog, and pursuing her passion for ballroom dancing and exploring new culinary experiences.