What is a House and Land Package?

You’ve most likely heard the term house and land package before, but what does it involve?

Searching for your dream home in the perfect location can be an exciting process, but also very overwhelming and time-consuming.

We’re here to help you understand the process and everything involved.

So, what is a house and land package exactly? Generally, there are two types of house and land packages to choose from; standard house and land packages and turn-key packages.

A standard house and land package involves the combination of a piece of land with a floorplan specifically selected to complement its features. A house and land package offers more freedom when it comes to meeting your requirements for a home and allows for influence over the overall look, fixtures, and colours of your home.

Regardless of whether you purchased the land first yourself and engaged a builder or if you secured your property as a package, you will have two separate contracts to sign; one for the build and one for the land.

A turn-key package is an all-inclusive house and land package that has all the details considered from the big items such as fencing, landscaping, and driveway, down to the much smaller items you might not think of, such as garage remotes, a tiled shower base, and a letterbox, so you are ready to move in right away. This takes the stress out of the process and ensures nothing is forgotten, meaning you won’t have to come up with any unexpected, additional funds after the build is complete.

House and land packages can offer a range of benefits, such as:
  • You will save money on stamp duty, as this only applies to the land portion in a house and land package – as opposed to paying the full amount when purchasing an established home.
  • A fixed price turn-key package provides you with all of the costs upfront, therefore you know exactly what your expenses are.
  • Quality new homes come with warranties and low maintenance costs for several years.
  • First home buyers can take advantage of state government incentives.

Know that you have a better understanding of what a house and land package is, you are probably wondering where to begin?

Contact one of our New Home Consultants to discuss any questions you have regarding house and land packages. Your consultant can simplify the process for you by talking you through our range of fixed turn-key packages, as well as guiding you through finance, land selection, plan suggestions, colours, construction, and more!