Fast and affordable ways to increase your property’s value

If you want to sell your home, you should consider ways to increase the property value to get the best price for it. You don’t need to put in a pool or build an extension – though those things would certainly work. You don’t even need to put a lot of money or time into it.

If your property is structurally sound and doesn’t need major repairs or maintenance work, you can try these less expensive ways to add value to your home and ensure a buyer falls in love with it.

Tip: Get a property valuation before you start to give you a real idea of the value you’ve added at the end.

Update the walls and floors

By updating your home’s walls and floors, you can quickly and inexpensively transform the entire house.

If it’s been a while since you painted your walls, they may be out of date. Paint colour trends change over time, so you can give the home a more modern look by updating to a more recent colour palette.

Feature walls are popular and bring a pop of colour to an otherwise plain room. However, be careful not to polarise people with your colour choices. You don’t want to force new buyers to repaint as soon as they move in.

You might also consider new carpet in bedrooms, and tiles or wood laminate in the living areas. If you have real wood, perhaps get it polished.

Consider landscaping

Don’t underestimate the importance of kerb appeal – first impressions are everything. After you’ve mowed the lawns, removed the weeds, and trimmed the trees, take a step back and examine your yard as a potential buyer.

Could you put in a garden bed with colourful perennials or privacy shrubs? Could you add pathway and garden lighting?

To increase the attractiveness of your yard, you could also:

  • paint the fences and guttering
  • add a birdbath or other feature
  • add an awning for shade.

Replace old light fixtures

If you have an older house, you may have had the same light fixtures for decades. Downlights give a room a more modern look, and your local lighting store will have lots of pendants, lamps, and other lighting options. A heat lamp in the bathroom is also popular.

A combination of light and ceiling fans in the main bedrooms will be appreciated in the summer. Energy-efficient lighting solutions are also important to buyers today.

Simple kitchen and bathroom fixes

You don’t need to renovate your entire bathroom or kitchen to add value. If these spaces work well, you can just replace the more outdated elements for a fresh look.

New tapware, tiles, and benchtops will make the room look new again. If the cabinetry isn’t damaged or sagging, just paint or replace the doors. Add a fabulous new mirror for interest.

Tip: Don’t forget the basic things, like scrubbing the grout, repairing cracked porcelain, and laminating and cleaning the range hood.

Storage solutions

As people use their homes for recreation, they need lots of storage. Don’t underestimate the importance of storage to a potential home buyer. Investing in a secure shed for your yard could increase your home’s value by thousands.

Inside, make sure the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry all have enough cupboards and drawers to suit a growing family. Adding storage to these areas will definitely get a buyer’s approval. If your budget will stretch this far, and you have the space, adding built-ins to the bedrooms will add a heap of value.

Want to know more?

Hopefully, this article gives you lots of ideas for adding value to your home without breaking the bank. At Geelong Property Hub, we can provide advice on a range of property issues, whether you’re buying, selling and everything in between. Contact us for a chat today.