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How much does it cost to sell a property?

How much does it really cost to sell? Selling a property can come with several costs, beyond just the price of the property itself. Here are some of the common costs associated with selling a property.

  1. Marketing Costs: To attract potential buyers, you’ll need to market your property through various channels, such as online listings, flyers, signboards and/or brochures. These marketing costs can add up and should be factored into your budget
  2. Home Repairs and Renovations: Depending on the condition of your home, you may need to make repairs and renovations ready for sale. This can include painting, landscaping, or even major upgrades such as a new roof or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Our team are experts in the field, we can help provide suggestions on what to update in order to increase the value of your home to achieve the best sale price possible.
  3. Home Staging: To make your home more attractive to buyers, you may need to hire a home stager to arrange your furniture and décor.  By staging your property this helps potential buyers to visualise the space with furniture and see how the home can flow. You can either partially or fully stage your home and our team work closely with a range of stylists who we can get you in touch with!
  4. Real Estate Agent Commission: You’ll need to factor in the agent you are working with commission fees. This can vary depending on the agent and local market.
  5. Capital Gains Tax: If you’ve owned the property for more than a year and made a profit on the sale you may be subject to capital gains tax. The amount of tax you’ll pay will depend on your income and the sale price of the property.

While selling a property can come with several hidden costs beyond just the sale price, carefully considering these costs and planning accordingly can ensure a successful and profitable sale. Our team can help! Our sales consultants provide transparency and honesty to ensure you are fully aware of all the costs when using our service. Get in contact with our team today if you are considering selling your home.