4 things to look for in a Pre-Settlement Inspection

So you’ve purchased a property and are awaiting settlement day to finalise the process.

Well, there is one more thing to ensure you check off before moving into your new home, a pre-settlement inspection.

This is your opportunity to make sure the property is in the same condition as when you originally signed the contract. As if it is not, this gives opportunity for the vendor to fix all issues before handover.

It is a good idea to do the pre-settlement inspection up to a week before settlement to give time to fix any necessary changes.

So, what should you be looking for?

1. Damage

When looking through the property ensure you notice, record and report back to your conveyancer about any damage you have spotted to the property since exchanging contracts. This gives time for them to contact the vendors solicitor and allow for the damage to be rectified before settlement.

2. Inclusions/Exclusions

If you made agreements when exchanging contracts surrounding items to stay e.g. dishwasher, curtains, clothes line, light fittings etc make sure they are in place and in working order/good condition. On the other hand, also note the exclusions agreed upon e.g. removal of a shed.

3. Special Conditions

If you’re conveyancer has negotiated special conditions for the purchase of sale, for example fly wire to be replaced on all bedroom windows, make sure these conditions have been met.

4. Cleanliness

Ensure any rubbish has been removed and the property has been left in a reasonably clean state, so you can move in with piece of mind.


To cover your bases, we recommended bringing the contract of sale to the pre-settlement inspection. This will ensure you know all your inclusions/exclusions/special conditions have been met.


Feeling uneasy about the pre-settlement inspection? Let your conveyancer know immediately.

They can then work with the vendors conveyancer to come to a compromise where everyone is happy.

Our team at Property Hub Conveyancing are here to assist you. Please reach out for any queries or questions you may have regarding pre-settlement inspections. We would love to help!