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Make your rental application stand out from the crowd

We know that in the current market it can be hard to find and secure a rental property, so we have come up with a few tips and tricks to help you out when applying.

All our applications are done online using 2Apply so that you can make an account and all your information can be saved. This means that if there are multiple properties that you are interested in, you can easily apply for them all.

In your application, we will ask for various types of references, whether they are for your employment, previous rental history, or personal references. Please ensure that the contacts you provide know that they will be contacted via email and text message, so we receive prompt responses.

It is excellent if you can provide recent payslips in your application to show you have a reliable income, or if you are starting a new job due to relocating to the area, a letter from your new employer will be able to support this.

Writing a cover letter is a great way to make your application more personal and show homeowners a different side to yourself.

If you are young or new to the rental market and have no rental history and limited income, a great addition to your application can be a guarantor. This will be someone who may have a previous rental history or a more reliable income, who will also need to apply and will be added to the lease.

We will always hold open inspections for properties listed for rent and recommend that you or someone you know attend one, which will be added to your application. If a property is a new listing and has no scheduled inspections, you can still apply and head along once one has been scheduled.

If you would like to see the current properties, we have available for rent, click here. And if you would like any further information on the process, contact our friendly team today!

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