Open Vs Traditional Living – Which is better?

When designing a home there are two different types of floor plans which effect how a space feels. These are known as Open or Traditional Living.

Open Living is where walls are removed between different areas to create a flow. Usually seen where the kitchen, dining and lounge all combine to create one big space.

Traditional Living is the opposite of this. Rooms are often separated from each other to create private spaces defined by walls and doors.


Open Plan Living


Heart of the home – Majority of families spend their time in these three main living spaces. Therefore, by opening the layout up it means everyone can spend time together without being restricted to separate rooms by walls.

Light and Airy – Open Plan living spaces have the benefit of filtering natural light through the home.

Your home will look and feel larger – Open living creates a sense of spaciousness due to the lack of walls. This can add value to your home not only while you’re living there but also for re-sale purposes.


Lack of privacy – Due to the lack of walls between spaces it can reduce the amount of privacy you have.  

Costly to heat and cool – Due to open living creating larger spaces it can be a bit more costly to heat and cool throughout the year.

Noisy – Noise can be amplified due to the large space, however with the right insulation and soft furnishing’s this can be minimised.

Traditional Plan Living


Design Aspect – Each room can have its own distinct look and feel without feeling the pressure to match with a consist flow

Quiet Spaces – If you are someone who needs peace and quiet traditional floor plans can help create this by separating rooms helping to reduce noise.

Reduced costs – Opposite to open plan living, traditional living allows you to heat and cool rooms only in use. This can reduce costs relating to this.


Isolated – Barriers between rooms can create a sense of isolation. For example, if you are someone who loves entertaining, you may gain a sense of isolation when cooking in the kitchen while everyone is sitting in the living room.

Ease of Traffic – Foot traffic may be a problem with multiple doors and walls to compete with.

Cramped – Traditional living consists of frequent smaller spaces rather than one large open space. Therefore, this can create a closed-off appeal and make your home feel cramped.


Overall, one is not worse than the other it is all dependent on the individual’s lifestyle and personalised needs. For more information surrounding different floorplan layouts, reach out to our build team today, we’d love to help you out!