Top 5 Bathroom Trends to Elevate your Home

We’ve taken inspiration from this season’s reality TV show ‘The Block’ and have come up with our top picks for trending elements to help elevate your bathroom.

1)Concealed storage elements

Hidden storage elements help keep a bathroom look slick and tidy, without the clutter of electrical appliances, skin and hair products as well as towels, among other things.  Creating this through a wall hung vanity or mirror cabinet are simple and effective in providing this space.

2) Mixing Tiles

Contrasting tiles in your bathroom between your floor and walls can leave a lasting effect. If choosing to do this, it is important you consider a few aspects. This includes colour, texture, pattern, and moderation. Ensuring these elements work between your tile selection will help to create balance and allow for a seamless finish.

3) Lighting

In this season of The Block, we have seen all teams choose pendants or wall sconces within their master bathrooms. Having striking lighting can leave a desired effect and elevate your space by providing another design aspect.

4) Go Green

The colour green has been trending not only in the contestants’ bathrooms but throughout their entire homes. Including this colour within your bathroom through coloured towels, tiles, plants, paint and even in your choice of cabinetry will be eye catching and on trend.

5) Finishes

Choosing tapware that integrates with the design theme of your bathroom can be a featured component and a focal point if wishing to resell. Consider brass or black if chrome is too simple. Another effective detail is adding in a shower niche. This can be seen as a small detail but is extremely practical, versatile, and stylish.


If you are looking at bringing your bathroom to life, following these tips will give you an achievable start.